Sunday, March 13, 2011

open up!

open ur minds to something u always doubted
open ur hearts n the desires in it, to The Forbidden
open ur abilities to situations u've always ignored
open urselves to the fears u dread
open ur smiles to strangers who actually make u smile
open ur love to a dimension where "thank you" can be the answer for "i hate you" [:-)]
open ur expectations to a state where letting go is allowed too
let's explore
let's circumpass old boundaries,
let's burn with a new juvenility,
nothing can make u happier, than finding the right thing at the wrong place
n if u don't find ur frequency of resonance
ki farak pendhae! do it all over again,
life doesn't end anyway ;) we have a long way to go!


  1. Its very beautiful... esp 'ki farak pendhae! do it all over again' .... Fakhr hai......