Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i want it that way

it was a sunday morning, not quite bright for me until...
the night was weary, i couldn stop worrying..
as i thought n rethought, on my choice of duties over opportunities..
duties are after all clauses for a lifetime
i'm up from  the bed now. i open the gallery which is still wet with the rain last night...
how i wish life, to all, was only about today and not yesterday, not tomorrow..
i leave my neck, lay naked to the morning air, curls in the hair hang fearlessly, ready to face the sun that may rise, or that may not.
 the morn-chill runs down my spine n it spreads all over. from my lips to the fingertips.
"luck is the magnitude of ur wanting", i remember, arguing in front of the interviewer for my first job
and  the instinct that made me say so, struck it's stroke once agin n yes! now i'm convinced that u get wat u always actually wanted.
after al it's all about getting convinced isn't it...
like an ink drop that's just fallen on a tissue, so clear, i want this conviction to get into me n create a permanent stain; life is anyway not only about today...